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The Team


*update in progress – 2/24/19

Julien Pearl, Owner

 Ryan Moore, Canine Manager
Canine Behavior Certified, Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

Ryan spent his younger years split between Marin and Southern California, skateboarding and paint balling in whatever free time he had outside of school (which he stilldoes to this day!). Even as a teenager, he knew that working with dogs was what he wanted to do, and started off working with a local veterinarian at the early age of 15.

In 2011, Ryan joined the AlphaDog team and began meshing with the dogs in the yard right away. Anyone who saw his calm, loving interactions with the dogs knew that this was his calling. As Canine manager, he gets to personally know every dog and their personalities–and that’s a lot of dogs! He also manages a team of dog caregivers and shares with them the special behavior of different breeds and individual dogs as a whole.

 Ashley Ramos, General Manager
Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

 Alexis Price, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Manager

Lexii was born and raised in North Carolina, where she spent most of her younger years punking out to Metal concerts with some pretty killer eyeliner (she still rocks it from time to time!). From there she moved to Texas where she rescued two adorable Siamese kitties–Pancake and Mochi (who you may see in the windows from time to time). Lexii has volunteered with both the North Carolinian and Texan Humane Societies as well as the Texas Siamese Rescue, has trained as a Whiskey Sommelier, and worked construction for a good while. She’s a regular blood donor too!
Scouted at a Wag Festival event, Lexii has been with AlphaDog since 2017! When she’s not at the front desk managing billing (our favorite “Finance Lord”), she’s at home playing video games or watching anime.

Tobias-Sebastian Finnian, Lead Yard Staff and Social Media Coordinator
Canine Behavior Certified

Tobias’ family moved around a lot when he was younger, going all about the Upper East Coast until they came to a halt in their current spot here in Northern California. He’s always been a big animal lover, and has helped rehabilitate many critters of all shapes and sizes over the years with help from his sister Madison–some of which became furever family members. Tobias has also worked for two stables, a few animal rescues, and as a full-time dog-walker/pet-sitter before joining the AlphaDog family in 2017. He spends most of his free time running an Instagram for his pets, watching anime, playing video games, and costuming for various anime conventions throughout the year. He lives upstairs with Lexii and can be seen often around the facility too!


Since moving to the area he’s gotten into studying Photography, which he used to practice solely for his nerdy hobbies but has since brought to the AlphaDog table. Catch his work on the Instagram feed and via the “Pupdates” service!

 Madison Lewis, Lead Yard Staff
Canine Behavior Certified

Madi grew up on the East Coast where her family moved around quite a bit, until they settled over here in (not-so-sunny) California in ’08. Animals have always been a huge part of her family life, and together with her brother Tobias they’ve helped rescue and rehabilitate critters of all sizes. When she’s not with the AlphaDogs, she spends her free time ice skating–as it’s a huge passion of hers.
Madi was always a cat person as a kid, but since joining the AlphaDog team in 2017 she’s now fully committed to team dog (but cats are still a close second)!


 Samantha McCabe, AlphaDog University Trainer, Yard Staff, and Overnight Staff
Canine Behavior Certified

Sam is a local girl, who was born in Greenbrae but spent most of her time in Novato where she currently resides. She loves hiking with her “Pocket Pitt” Diamond around Marin County–so if you see them around say hi!

Before joining the AlphaDog Team in 2017, she’s worked at a cat kennel in San Rafael and has pet sit for friends and family for years. She is currently part of our AlphaDog University as one of the trainers!



Tracy Mejia, Yard Staff and Overnight Staff

Tracy comes from a hard working, Latin American family–her mom is from Mexico and her father from El Salvador (he served in the military there too!). She has always had an interest in medicine since she was young–especially veterinary medicine–and had the amazing opportunity to join the Kaiser Summer Teen Program for 3 months. A lot of that time was spent in the Emergency Room and Critical Care facilities learning how to care for people, some of which even helps out around here!

Tracy has been with us since 2018 now, and was drawn to adopt her own puppy Taco after spending time with all the lovely pups we have here. He’s lucky to have found such a perfect home!

 Nicklause Wetherell, Yard Staff and Overnight Staff

Nick is an aspiring scientist with a special love for chemistry. When not studying to further his passion, he’s here at AlphaDog providing goofy jokes and an overabundance of chocolate milk (the staff fridge is full of it!). His off-time is also spent roller skating and ice skating–sometimes of which he will even skate to the rink itself! At home, his Pomeranian mix Peter waits patiently for him.

Nick has been with us since 2018, and is a part of both the day and night teams.


Kasandra Elliot, Yard Staff

Litzy Braga, Groomer, Yard Staff, and Overnight Staff



The entire AlphaDog Lodging team loves and cares for your dogs every day. Along with their years of experience, compassion, and responsible character, they are also certified by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association.




Ewan. 3 years. Irish Wolfhound. Official AlphaDog mascot and unofficially voted most unique howl, Ewan is a Main Yard dog and super easy to spot–as he’s the largest dog here!

Owner: Julien & Martha

Rocco. 4 years old. Rottweiler. His heart is as big as he is! Rocco is a Main Yard dog, and is never too far behind his papa.

Owner: Ryan

Huckleberry Finn. 1 year old. A mutt but mainly Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Shih Tzu. He’s a rescue with PTSD and has come a very long way! Catch him on the Small Dog Yard or Main Yard.
Rosie. 3 years old. Pomeranian. She’s a trained ESA and is absolutely in love with people, and goes back and forth between Main Yard and Small Dog Yard.
Nikko. 13 years old. Miniature Dachshund. Doesn’t think he’s as old as he is, even if his joints would beg to differ! He hangs out on Old Dog Yard, Small Dog Yard, and Main Yard.

Owners: Tobias & Madi

Diamond. 2 years old. Jack Russel/Pit Bull mix (“Pocket Pitt”).  She prefers to hang by herself or with calmer groups; her bet bud is Rocco!

Owner: Samantha

Taco. 8 months old. Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix. He’s a shy sweetheart that mainly hangs with the smaller kids on our Small Dog Yard.

Owner: Tracy

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